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Our Vision

To deliver exceptional, compassionate care to clients that centres on individual needs.
To create an environment that nurtures staff and enhances their learning and development.
To be competitive, grow and become the preferred Care Provider and Employer nationwide.

Our Mission...

To build a customer focused care agency that provides care that is  compassionate, has integrity and addresses the specific needs of our clients.

To provide a service that is competitive without compromising on excellence while delivering a home care service that satisfies both the client and staff.

Our Core Values...

1. Integrity:                 To be honest and portray strong moral values.

2. Excellence:             To be outstanding in everything that we do.

3. Compassion:          To be kind, caring and understanding of the client's individual circumstances.

4. Customer Focus:   To build concrete relationships based on our core values.         

5. Teamwork:             To work as a team to achieve more and maintain and uphold the core values.

The Directors...

Isabel Grundy, Mrs BA, MSc., ACIM
Care Director and Registered Manager
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Isabel has worked in the Health & Social Care Sector for over 22 years, supporting clients with various needs such as learning & physical disabilities, young people, elderly clients, some who suffer from dementia and patients in rehabilitation and neurosurgical units.

Isabel has experience in leading support

teams in adhering to Care standards and meeting with various partners and commissioners to ensure that agreed contracts are adhered to and clients’ needs are continuously reviewed and met.

Isabel has a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Management as well as an NVQ in Health & Social Care, Assessors’, Learning Disability and End of Life qualifications. 
Isabel is passionate about delivering quality care by supporting clients in getting their needs and goals met & facilitating staff development in the sector. Isabel really enjoys working with the DCA team to realise the company vision.

Elishibar Evans (Ellie), Mrs BSc., MA
Operations and Managing Director
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Ellie has worked in the commercial industry for nigh-on two decades and has ample experience in Operational and Quality Assurance Management.


Ellie's last employment was with BP, supporting the Wild Bean Cafe, a ’Food on the Go’ branded café.

Ellie was a Food Service Territory 

Manager supporting the operations of upto 55 WBCs in a region and her main 

responsibilities included coaching and 

developing teams in operational 

excellence, auditing, maximising sales 

and profits and ensuring adherence to 

procedures as well as health and safety compliance.

Ellie's passion for Operational excellence saw her rise through the ranks of BP and won her several awards, such as 'Retail Stars Winner' and a nomination for Field Services Specialist of the Year.

Ellie possesses a BSc Degree in Food Service Management and has a Master’s Degree in Gastronomy and Food Management.

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