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Are you looking to run your own Care Agency? Are you committed to seeing the best levels of home care delivered in your area?

We have a great franchise opportunity for you

Starting your own business in any industry can be hard work. Joining our franchise network can be the simplest, fastest, most cost-effective option for you to running your own domiciliary care business .

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Our mission is to build a customer focused care agency that provides care that is compassionate, has integrity and addresses the specific needs of our clients and provides a service that is competitive without compromising on excellence.

If your values match this, then this business franchise could be for you.


You will not be alone!

A common issue for business owners is the lack of a support structure around them.

As a franchisee you run your business but always have that supportive team around you to talk through any issues and help you grow.


Home is where the heart is and where we feel most comfortable and secure - in familiarsurroundings and perhaps with family and friends, beloved pets and treasured possessions

Your franchise will help people stay independent in their own homes for longer.

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We are a friendly team and always very happy to chat through whether this could be right for you.

Let us have your contact details and we’ll send you some more information.

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Customer Feedback

Dear Doves Care,

We can't thank you enough for your amazing help caring for M.S. We didn't expect her to go into care quite so quickly but we will forever be grateful you could be there for her & us. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting care.

Blessings to you and Doves.

— John & Jacky B

I am pleased to take this opportunity to commend Doves Care Agency - the flexibility, sensitivity and persistence shown in working with the man with complex needs and a very labile mood. Thanks also for being prepared to accompany our client by taxi across boroughs. While you are based in Watford it is possibly unlikely, but I hope we get the chance to work with you again. Regards.

— Dan

I do not know what we would have done as a family if Doves Care Agency had not come into our lives. Their level of care for my father is far beyond any other care agency. They are warm and compassionate, they really listen to what is required and are extremely thorough down to the smallest detail. They treat my father with the utmost respect and he is extremely fond of them. There is always humour and lightness around him and the man who previouly could not stand having carers asked for them to increase their days and come more often.

His life has been transformed , his dignity is intact. He says 'everything is taken care of - they are marvellous'. My father at 95 can use his limited energy to socialise , he is happier than before and less exhausted. As a family we are less worried and more relaxed . Communication is easy and we are informed quickly of any concerns. Knowing they are there for the future, should we need them more at any point, feels so reassuring. The company goes way beyond the call of duty. I cannot praise them highly enough.

— Ruth G.

Well done! I love the website and your vision of care. Wishing you every success. You really supported and inspired high standards in the team, and I miss you lots.

— Ex-Staffer

I am writing to say thank you to you and your team for all the support you provide to WN.

Your staff have been so supportive of him which makes my job so much easier as you also communicate with me therefore, letting us work collaboratively to ensure that the best support is provided to WN.

I decided to copy my line manager in on this email so she is aware of how great your care agency has been to WN.

— Social Worker

Timings are excellent and there has been no missed visits. Doves Care take their time and do not rush. I've been treated with kindness and respect and everyone is very well trained.

— IS

Couldn't do without the care workers and needs are being fully met. Used to have a few different care workers but it is more regular now. Everyone is very well trained and know what they're doing.

— PL

Needs are being met and all care workers are well trained. No missed visits and any changes are always accommodated.

— MW

Care workers are very efficient and always generally on time. Very professional, and never experienced a missed visit. Staff are well trained and needs are being met.

— WM

Doves Care are very helpful, friendly, professional and proactive. Needs are being fully met. No missed visits.

— PS

There are a few regular care workers who I've got to know. There has been no missed visits and I have no concerns with the standard of care received.

— VP

Staff will always look for extra to do if they finish early, and I feel they go above and beyond. I have no concerns with standard of care.

— PK

Doves Care is good as gold and the care staff are brilliant. I'm very happy with the standard of care received. No missed visits, or concerns with timings.

— TH

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